DIY external omni nano microphone for the DJI Osmo Pocket – PRELIMINARY AUDIO DIALOGUE TEST

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DIY external omni nano microphone for the DJI Osmo Pocket – PRELIMINARY AUDIO DIALOGUE TEST

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Here’s my first preliminary test of what I call a ‘Nano Mic’. It’s basically the smallest microphone that I can build that has a good ECM capsule in it. The capsule used is the Primo EM172 omni-directional ECM.

This is my very first test of the microphone with the Pocket and I think it sounds really good. It’s an external mic that’s small enough to add to a Pocket without adding too much bulk and is also an alternative to the internal mics of the Pocket.

With this microphone being omni-directional it allows for recordings that have some sense of the atmosphere of the recording location while being able to pick up dialogue very well. Even at full arm’s length it does a very good job of picking up the user’s voice.

I dare say that this is the most compact Osmo Pocket setup with an external microphone that’s highly likely to increase the Pocket’s ability to be used as a vlogging camera. Maybe it’s the best Osmo Pocket vlogging setup?

I’ll be doing a ‘how to’ guide at some point with further examples. For anyone with basic soldering experience this microphone is very easy to put together and can be built for less than £20.

I’ll also be putting together another similar microphone that’s right angled with a cardioid ECM for directional dialogue use.

The ECM capsules that I use are the Primo range supplied by MicBooster These are the same capsules that are used in the excellent MicBooster Clippy range of lavalier microphones.

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