DJI Osmo Pocket Charging Case alternative – the poor man’s cheap version :)

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DJI Osmo Pocket Charging Case alternative – the poor man’s cheap version 🙂

This video is showing what is basically a poor man’s version of the DJI Osmo Pocket Charging Case, which consists of a Aukey 20000mAh USB battery bank and a really cool plastic case that is water proof and has access to the USB C charging port of the Osmo Pocket when it’s in the case.

Here’s the blurb from the case manufacturer:

Compatible with DJI OSMO Pocket Handheld Gimbal Camera.
High quality ABS plastic,Primary life waterproof IP 3-4, dustproof.
With adjustable straps,easy to carry, sturdy and pressure resistant.
Storage capacity:Can be accommodated DJI OSMO Pocket Gimbal body + 2pcs data cable adapters.
Convenient to charge with a charging window at the bottom.

Here’s the bumf for the Aukey USB power bank:

With enough power to keep your device off the grid for days, its 20,000 mAh battery juice can charge iPhone 6/6s over 4-7 times or Galaxy S5 over 3-6 times, or provide up to 150% more charge for your iPad Air.
Powered by TI (Texas Instrument) manufactured chipset, Aukey AIPower Smart Charging Technology automatically detect connected device and determine your device charging specification before charging with optimal current.
Surge protection, high current protection, short circuit protection and more advanced safety features keep you and your devices safe.
AiPower – Tuned to adaptively provide the safest maximum recharge rate for all your USB powered devices
Package Contents: AUKEY 20000mAh Power Bank, Micro USB Cable, User Manual, 24 Month Warranty

All in all this combination is not sexy or cool like the DJI charging case but when you consider the size of the DJI charging case and the fact that it will be in a bag hen you travel, these two items fit in a bag easily as well, it’s what I do. Plus, the case is water proof and the battery has way more power than the DJI case.

If you want sexy and cool, there’s only one option, the DJI Osmo Pocket Charging Case. If you want something affordable, practical with a lot of protection and power, you could do a lot worse than this case and battery combination.

Here’s some links to Amazon where you can find the DJI Osmo Pocket and some of the peripherals that I use with my Osmo Pocket and my rig setups:

DJI Osmo Pocket & peripherals Amazon USA:
DJI Osmo Pocket & peripherals


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