DJI Osmo Pocket microphone adaptor with Clippy EM172 lavalier -PRELIMINARY TEST

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DJI Osmo Pocket microphone adaptor with Clippy EM172 lavalier – PRELIMINARY TEST

This is a preliminary test that I thought I’d post on my main channel and not my test channel as I think the results are very good.

I’ve been trying many external microphones with the Osmo Pocket and while it’s obvious that the Pocket has some very serious issues with its external microphone adaptor, I’ve been trying to find microphones that work well with it.

After trying a number of lavalier microphones with the Osmo Pocket, of which most didn’t work very well, I thought I’d try my favourite one of all, the Clippy EM172 by

Not so surprisingly the Clippy worked extremely well with the pocket, as this video shows. Although it could be argued that just because the Clippy is a great mic, why wouldn’t it work well with the Osmo Pocket anyway. Well, the answer to that is quite simple, I’ve got other good mics that don’t work so well with the Osmo Pocket, so you can’t take it for granted that just because a microphone is good it is going to work well with the Osmo pocket.

Like I say, this Osmo pocket clipon microphone works really well and is the best clip-on mic for the Osmo Pocket that I’ve come across so far. It may even be one of the best external budget microphones for the Osmo Pocket so far?

Anyway. I’ll be doing a short video soon giving a more indepth example of the Clippy EM172 lapel microphone with the DJI Osmo Pocket, where I’ll be doing examples indoors and outdoors.

For anyone interested in the Clippy EM172 here’s a link to where you can buy it. BTW the Clippy EM172 is simply an excellent lavalier mic anyway and works well with most nearly everything you plug it into it, check out my video for the Galaxy S10 with the Clippy EM172 as another great example of what the Clippy is like.

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