DJI Osmo Pocket VS GoPro Hero 7 Black external stereo microphone comparison binaural & wide stereo

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DJI Osmo Pocket VS GoPro Hero 7 Black external stereo microphone comparison binaural & wide stereo

In this video I’m comparing the DJI Osmo Pocket with the GoPro Hero 7 Black, specifically to hear their results with external stereo microphones.

The first microphone is a self built prototype binaural microphone and the second microphone is a stereo microphone bar with two Primo EM172 omnidirectional ECM capsules at either end. The stereo bar microphone gives a very wide stereo response and I’d usually use such a microphone for nature, atmosphere and wild track recording.

It is very obvious by the results that the Osmo Pocket does not record stereo. It does record something that sounds a bit like stereo but it isn’t stereo. It sounds like the Osmo Pocket is using the same processing that it would do with its internal microphones, which is designed for cancellation of certain frequencies. This processing results with what sounds like the difference of phase cancellation appearing on the side of the stereo field.

The GoPro Hero Black 7 on the other hand, sounds a lot better and is true stereo. You can clearly hear a proper stereo response from the Hero 7 Black and the stereo width and separation associated with both the microphones.

Although both the Osmo Pocket and the Hero 7 Black employ dynamics processing. The GoPro is much more subtle with it and the Pocket is very heavy handed with it. Over enthusiastic use of dynamics processing, such as that of the Osmo Pocket, results in a very limited dynamic range and many negative effects of the source’s frequencies being reproduced. Yes, the GoPro can also be quite heavy with this but for the best part the Hero 7 Black is fairly transparent.

In the test with the binaural head thing, you can clearly hear noise in the GoPro 7 recording. This is actually a plus point to the GoPro as the noise in question is part of the microphone’s characteristics and all the GoPro is doing is to reproduce a reasonably accurate representation of the source. The Osmo Pocket however is completely destroying the frequency and dynamic range of the source audio, which is quite evident in the total change of tone, which is very dull, and the reduction of the original noise due the over the top use of the Osmo Pocket’s dynamic processing.

When we get to the second microphone we are way beyond chalk and cheese. The GoPro really did shine with this mic and the Pocket just made it sound like a different mic. The ASMR type stuff sounded nice and wide with the GoPro and the Pocket was once again adding elements to each channel that shouldn’t be there.

Bottom line. The GoPro is the clear winner and has the best audio recording capabilities of any similar small camera and action camera. The Osmo Pocket is physically capable of two channel recording and with a software update DJI may give the Pocket the ability to record stereo.

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