DJI Osmo Pocket VS GoPro Hero 7 Black stabiliser, field of view, resolution, picture quality test

DJI Osmo Action

DJI Osmo Pocket VS GoPro Hero 7 Black stabiliser, field of view, resolution, picture quality test

Here’s a video showing a simple walk test with two people, one holding a DJI Osmo Pocket the other a GoPro Hero 7 Black. This is not a video to say which is better, it’s just a comparison for Osmo Pocket & GoPro Hero 7 Black owners to see the difference in FOV and stability. Both cameras were set to each’s log gamma settings with auto selected for exposure and white balance. I’d also say that it shows the Pocket’s resolution to be slightly better, although this may be a bit unfair as the GoPro 7 is much wider and therefore things look further away and the perception of sharpness/resolution is effected.

Also, as the GP uses electronic image stabilisation, EIS, it will also feel the impact in resolution as a result of EIS. Interestingly but not surprisingly, when locked off with EIS switched off, the GoPro 7 does resolve better resolution.

I’ll be doing more comparative stuff with them both and although I may use VS in the YouTube titles, the videos aren’t meant to show one up against the other, they’re just points of interest for anyone who has one or the other.

On the point of comparison. I’d intended on building two rigs, one GoPro 7 and one Osmo Pocket and give them both a thorough testing over a period of time then sell one off and keep the best setup. As I’ve been using both so far it’s become apparent that they’re both very good and while each can do unique things that the other can’t, I’ve found that they actually compliment each other really well. So much so, I’m now going to keep both as I’ve become used to them and they are both great.

Although these takes have been left in log and not graded for typical 709 SDR output, I’m very surprised at how well they both grade in post to meet on a mid ground that once again indicates that they work well together in a two cam setup.

Special thanks to Threlly for helping me with a number of these tests. Ta Gaz.

Visit Threlly’s web site, he’s a fantastic photographer:

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