DJI Osmo Pocket wireless microphone – Rode RodeLink wireless system & Clippy EM172 lavalier lapel

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DJI Osmo Pocket wireless microphone – Rode RodeLink wireless system & Clippy EM172 lavalier lapel mic

Special thank to Threlly, you beautiful mutant, for doing the camera work and recording. Check out Threlly’s web site and be amazed by his awesome photography:

In this video me and Gaz were having a blast down at the Pier Head in Liverpool, playing about with an Osmo Pocket and GoPro Hero 7 Black doing all kinds of mad crap with microphones.

For this video the setup was a Rode Rodelink microphone wireless system but we didn’t use the Rode lav, instead we used the Clippy EM172 by MicBooster. To make all this work you have to have the external microphone adaptor for the DJI Osmo Pocket.

Just a quick tip on using external microphones with the Osmo Pocket and the DJI 3.5mm microphone adaptor for the Osmo Pocket. The communication between the adaptor and the Pocket is very temperamental at best and a certain amount of care has to be taken to get the best out of them. I’d recommend that you use auto mode for the gain in the Pocket and don’t alter any settings after switching on the Pocket. I’d always recommend switching off the Pocket and switching it on again with the microphone attached before doing any recording and make sure it is still set to auto before you start recording. This may change in the future but for now this seems the best way to record using an external mic.

In the video all the audio is captured with the Osmo Pocket with the first clip’s video coming from the GoPro 7 and synced to the wireless audio on the Pocket. The second clip’s audio was the internal mics on the GoPro 7, it was just easier to do it that way. The third clip was wireless audio again from the Pocket and synced cuts between me and Gaz with both the Pocket and the GoPro.

This particular setup works quite well despite all the wind and the bad acoustics, you may well find another wireless lavalier system that you are happy with. Regardless of the wireless lav system used, if it’s all matched up properly it allows the Pocket to be used for interview work where you need a bit of distance, or it could be good for ENG work electronic news gathering. In fact, a wireless lavalier setup with the Pocket would be good for any kind of un-tethered dialogue recording.

Here’s a link to the RodeLink:

Here’s a link to the Clippy EM172 lav:

Here’s links to other Rode microphones:

Here’s some links to Amazon where you can find the DJI Osmo Pocket and some of the peripherals that I use with my Osmo Pocket and my rig setups:

DJI Osmo Pocket & peripherals Amazon USA:
DJI Osmo Pocket & peripherals


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